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  • "Scott Selmanoff assisted us in finding a house when we relocated from Peekskill, NY to the East Bay area. Although we were experienced with long-distance moves, it is never easy to move into an area when you have very little knowledge of the neighborhoods and local real estate market. Scott helped educate us by showing us dozens of properties in Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, Kensington, and Oakland. He spent 3 days with us before our relocation was confirmed and we were still unable to make an offer on any property. When we were finally able to purchase a house, we needed to complete the search in only a few days. Since he had dialed into our needs and wants from the previous visit, he was able to show us the houses we needed to see, advise us on their values, and usher us through the negotiations so that we had an agreement before we needed to fly back to New York. He also kept us informed and on schedule with the contract requirements so that we were able to close in a very timely manner. Throughout the process, he was patient, cheerful and available at all times."

    Ellen & Kevin

  • "Buying a house is reported to be a challenge on so many levels. In spite of knowing this, I was still surprised at how intense the experience was. Fortunately, my husband and I had a reliable, steady, patient agent, Scott Selmanoff, who guided us through this process. In addition to being a terrific agent, his background in construction and his willingness to share his knowledge have been great. In my experience, I learned to my chagrin that many agents have no idea about even such basics as information about heating systems, let alone more complicated information about changes that are relatively easy to make versus those that are quite complicated. Scott’s expertise in these matters is unique and immensely helpful. I would definitely recommend Scott to potential buyers or sellers."


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